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New Cards 2019

Wednesday, 2 January, 2019

We have selected from Anne Cotterill's catalogue of oil paintings some favourite flower still lifes to publish as greeting cards for this year.  For spring we have new cards with primroses, purple violets, and daffodils.  As the year progresses into summer, there are flower cards of cornflowers, marigolds, and nasturtiums...through to autumnal holly, and apples; not to forget the all seasons little daisies. 

New Card - Daffodils

Daffodils    A-R099

New Card 2019 - Fruits of Autumn

  Fruits of Autumn    A-R100 

New Card 2019 - Cornflowers

Cornflowers    B-0026 

New Card 2019 - Dish of Daisies

Dish of Daisies    B-0027 

New Card 2019 - Purple Violets in a Glass Jar

Purple Violets in a Glass Jar     C-0084

New Card 2019 - Marigolds with Oranges 

Marigolds with Oranges    C-0085 

New Card 2019 - Primroses in a Glass Jar

Primroses in a Glass Jar    D-0032 

New Card 2019 - Nasturtiums in a Sugar Bowl

Nasturtiums in a Sugar Bowl    D-0033 

New Card 2019 - Holly, Walnuts and Hazels

Holly, Walnuts and Hazels    D-0034 

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